Vision of Protection
In October, 2010, the imperial wares factory was listed as project approval unit of NationalArchaeologicalPark. In the early 2011, the planning and design of “National Archaeological Park of Jingdezhen Imperial Wares Factory” was launched. Jiangxi Provincial Center of Heritage Conservation and sichuan institute of Historic Relic Archaeoloqy and Research  were commissioned to draw up the design scheme. Planning of National Archaeological Park of Jingdezhen Imperial Wares Factory passed the accreditation of experts from Jiangxi Provincial Cultural Heritage Bureau. Currently, it is to be approved by National Heritage Board.
National Heritage Board has given great prominence to the protection of imperial kiln ruins. Six of the seven design schemes about the ArchaeologicalPark submitted to National Heritage Board have been approved presently. They are: design scheme of housing management for imperial kiln heritage conservation , design scheme of museum for imperial kiln heritage conservation, scheme for environment renovation (fourth and fifth zone), design scheme of greenhouse for archaeological excavation conservation at the north side of mountain, design scheme for enclosure (wall) of imperial kiln and planning scheme for archaeological work in imperial kiln. The design scheme for exhibit which is approved will undergo a advanced design. The advanced design scheme is to be presented for evaluation in Mid-August and implemented progressively in the second half of the year 2013.
The construction of National Archaeological Park of Imperial Wares Factory will be proceeded under comprehensive planning and reasonable layout to be refined to every section in the spirit of science, rigorousness and truth-seeking. It aims at the fundamental goal of ensuring the safety of the heritage site and preserving the integration of its historical background, highlights the conservation of cultural relics in archaeological excavation, the exhibits of cultural heritage, cultural exchange and protection and renovation of the environment, displays characteristics of the kiln and its function in education, scientific research, tourism, recreation. All the efforts are made in the purpose of forging it into a leading scenic area in Jingdezhen urban tourism and stimulating the tourism industry of old quarter in Jingdezhen alongside exploring new pattern of heritage conservation to bring benefits to the local economic and social development.